Porsche 94433203801 Axle Shaft Assembly

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Cardone Select 66-7077 New Constant Velocity Drive Axle (). Usually ships in 1 to 2 months. Free SuperSaver shipping. This part is made by Cardone Select. Cardone Select New Constant Velocity Drive Axles are designed with CSE (Cardone Select Engineered) Technology that ensures our new axles meet or exceed the original fit, form and function. CSE Technology is based on years of reverse-engineering expertise, where original design weaknesses are identified and corrected, resulting in a premium-quality, brand-new parts you can rely on. ... (more info)

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W0133-1600679 - GKN Loebro CV Axle Assembly W0133-1600679 GKN Loebro CV Axle Assembly . FREE Ground Shipping on Orders over $50 - Some Restrictions Apply. New OE Type 2 per ... (more info)

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Porsche 924 944 Axle Shaft Assembly GKN LOEBRO Brand New (). Usually ships in 1-2 business days. Porsche 944, 924 CV Axel Shaft OEM Replacement Fits 924 years 1987-1988 with Manual transimission Fits 944:year vehicle attributes position part description 1985 w/ M/T; From 85/2; Late Series Rear 1986 Naturally Aspirated; w/ M/T Rear 1986 Turbo Rear 1987 Naturally Aspirated; w/ M/T Rear 1988 Naturally Aspirated; w/ M/T Rear 1989 Naturally Aspirated; w/ M/T Rear. ... (more info)

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1985-1989 Porsche 944 Axle Assembly GKN Drivetech W0133-1600679 Rear 85-89 Porsche Axle Assembly 1987 1986 1985-1989 Porsche 944 Axle Assembly, Porsche 944 Drive Axles, GKN Drivetech Axle Assembly, GKN Drivetech Drive Axles SKU: GKN Drivetech W01331600679, GKN Drivetech W0133-1600679 Chas: 94FN45- Driveshaft & Axle Rear Base, S, Turbo, Standard, Transaxle Standard 5 Spd, 2.5L, 4 Cyl 85-89 Porsche Axle Assembly. Replacement Axle Assembly Parts. 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 85 86 87 88 ... (more info)

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New Porsche 924 / 944 Axle Assembly - Rear - GKN Drivetech W0133-1600679 with FREE Shipping - This part is used on model years 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989.... (more info)

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GKNDrivetech Axle Assembly (W0133-1600679). Usually ships in 24 hours. Free SuperSaver shipping. This part is made by GKNDrivetech. GKN Drivetech Axle Assembly, New; 1987-1988 924 S, ST; 1985 944, L4 2.5L, Ch:9442, ST; 1986 944, ST; 1986 944 Turbo; 1987 944, L4 2.5L, ST; 1987 944 S, ST; 1988 944, L4 2.5L, ST; 1988 944 S,. ... (more info)

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GKN Drivetech CV Axle Shaft (W0133-1600679)... (more info)

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Porsche 944 Drive shaft. Drive shaft ; drive shaft (944. ); drive Porsche 944 Drive shaft (#94433203801) . Drive shaft ; drive shaft (944. ); drive shaft see technical information see tpi. Fits: 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, ... (more info)

$257.27 at Automobile Atlanta

Porsche Gkn Loebro Driveshaft Cv axle for manual transaxle, fits left/right sides.... Fits: Porsche 924S 1986-88, 944 1985.5-89... (more info)

$256.95 at FCP Euro

Porsche Axle Shaft (944 924) - GKNLoebro 94433203801 ###About CV Axle Shafts If you experience clicking or grinding when turning your car hard to the left or right, you may need to replace your CV Axel shaft. ####About GKNLoebro GKN is the global producer and technological leader for automotive driveline systems including Constant Velocity Shafts (CVJ) and Side Shafts. GKN's Driveline Countertrack Technology was developed to improve the efficiency of a vehicle's driveline by up to 1%. This allow... (more info)

$226.07 at KO Performance

94433203801-60 944 332 038 01 Axle Shaft Assembly This part is manufactured by GKN LOEBRO... (more info)

$219.86 at Importec Euro

Porsche Axle Shaft Assembly 94433203801 GKN Porsche Axle Shaft Assembly GKN 944-332-038-01 / 94433203801 OEM... (more info)

$216.59 at Europort Parts

CV Axle Shaft Rear Porsche 924 944 94433203801 CV Axle Shaft Rear Porsche 924 1987 1988 Porsche 944 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989... (more info)

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