Porsche 61610840100 Fuel Pump

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Recommended Merchant $323.24 at PartsGeek

1966-1969 Porsche 912 Fuel Pump OE Aftermarket W0133-1599495 66-69 Porsche Fuel Pump 68 67 1966-1969 Porsche 912 Fuel Pump, Porsche 912 Gas Pumps, OE Aftermarket Fuel Pump, OE Aftermarket Gas Pumps SKU: OE Aftermarket W01331599495, OE Aftermarket W0133-1599495 This pump can be used on 356A or early 356B. Spacer flange must be removed, and replaced with 616 108 441 00 spacer. Banjo type fuel lines must be replaced with fuel hose. NLA 5/11 Fuel Delivery 1.6L, H4 66-69 Porsche Fuel Pump. Replacemen... (more info)

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61610840100 - Genuine Porsche Fuel Pump, Mechanical 61610840100 Genuine Porsche Fuel Pump, Mechanical . FREE Ground Shipping on Orders over $50 - Some Restrictions Apply. 60mm Diameter 1 per car. This part is currently on BACKORDER. If you would like to check availability, please email us at ... (more info)

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Porsche Pierburg Fuel Pump This pump can be used on 356a or early 356b. Spacer flange must be removed, and replaced with 616 108 441 00 spacer. Banjo type fuel lines must be replaced with fuel hose.... Fits: Porsche 356 1960-64, Porsche 356 1950-59, Porsche 912 ... (more info)

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PIERBURG Fuel Pump PCG-108-401-00... (more info)

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PCG10840100-244 PCG 108 401 00 Fuel Pump This part is manufactured by PIERBURG... (more info)

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Porsche Mechanical Fuel Pump - OEM Supplier 61610840100 ###About Mechanical Fuel Pumps Mechanical fuel pumps are associated with older cars that use carburetors. The pump is typically driven by the cam shaft or other reciprocating mass (like the crank shaft) to pull fuel from the tank and feed it to the carburetor. Typical pump failures include leaks or failure to provide fuel. ####About Genuine Porsche The original parts used by Porsche to build your car are available as replacement parts under... (more info)

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Genuine Parts 61610840100 Genuine Parts 61610840100 fits specific models. Please visit us to verify fitment on your vehicle.... (more info)

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Genuine 912 Fuel Pump - 616 108 401 00 Genuine 912 Fuel Pump, OEM Part Number: 61610840100 and Manufacturer Part Number: 616 108 401 00... (more info)

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